This Facility is Licensed by the Oregon State Mortuary and Cemetery Board (971) 673-1500

The District is governed by three elected board members and operated by a Sexton/manager







Kevin Crawford is the Sexton/Manager and the only employee of the District. Feel free to e-mail, call, or stop in and chat with him, if you have any questions, concerns or ideas. Our office hours are 8 am to 4:30 pm but, please remember, it is a large district with 12 cemeteries from Clatskanie to Goble (more than 40 acres!) and the Sexton will not always be in the office. Please leave a message or try again in a few minutes, but you will receive a reply or a call back. Your needs are very important to us. 

Remember to contact the cemetery office before ordering or placing anything in any of the cemeteries; and to ask about any policies or regulations that may apply to any plans you might have.

If you have questions regarding a government marker or to order one please call or email.

Thank you for visiting!

Board of Directors

The Cemeteries and their locations:

  1.   Hudson - Larson Rd., Rainier
  2.   Woodbine - Larson Rd., Rainier
  3.   Green Mountain - Larson  Rd, Rainier
  4.   Neer City - Terry Rd., Goble
  5.   Kobel - Whitney Rd., Goble
  6.   Apiary - Fern Hill Rd., Rainier
  7.   Knights of Pythias - Neer City Rd., Rainier
  8.   Mayger/Downing - Alston-Mayger Rd. (at life lane), Rainier
  9.   Stewart Creek - Shepard Rd. (Rutter Access Rd. end), Clatskanie
  10. Murray Hill - Hall Rd., Clatskanie
  11. Maplewood - Conyers St., Clatskanie
  12. Cedar Hill (Also known as,Bryant) - Wood Lane, Clatskanie
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Board Members of the Rainier Cemetery District


Tomey Greer                

Janice Carstensen  

Dearl Taylor             

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